Atelier / Edition

"I am a collector of ideas, themes, shapes and materials, which tell a story on its own and altogether."
Birgit Countess Tyszkiewicz

Each collection has its own theme, which evolves in a narrative way, just like an essay. The Hamburg-based studio of the designer Birgit Countess Tyszkiewicz, who holds a PhD in art history, appears like a walk-in pinboard with countless notes, sketches, fabric swatches and mood boards. "Into the Woods" (Summer 2014), "Journey to the Moon" (Autumn / Winter 2014/15), "Cyber - The New Digital Age" (Summer 2015) or "Diamond and Other Stones" (Fall / Winter 2015 / 16) are the titles of the past, current and upcoming seasons, which pick up current trends, but go far beyond what fashion shows ordinarily. From the button to the overall image everything fits together thematically and illustrates the distinctive look of ROMA E TOSKA.